A little bit about me…

Hello! My name is Emily and this will be my first blog post where I tell you about boring me and why I am writing a blog.

Firstly, I hate writing about myself, so don’t get used to it. I’m going to write in bullet points to make this easier.

  • I’m from Yorkshire (God’s Own County), United Kingdom
  • Recently married and absolutely nailing housewife life (sarcasm, I’m really not, send cookbooks, my poor husband)
  • I write poetry and fiction
  • I’m trying to read more (supported by my Good Reads account)
  • I am an ex-English Teacher (here for any grammar queries)
  • Favourite book: The Ascent of Rum Doodle by W. E. Bowman
  • Favourite poet: Wendy Cope
  • Favourite TV show: The US Office or Community
  • Currently taking a Proofreading course and I love it

I made this blog to help me develop as a writer and a millennial (mostly a writer but learning how to be more tech-savvy along the way can only be a positive). I’ll be posting my own writing, including poetry and short fiction so feel free to leave any constructive feedback. I will also be posting book reviews and including reviews from my Book Club (it’s just me and my sister meeting up for a coffee once a month currently, but you have to start somewhere).

I am also passionate about Mental Health Awareness – after working with young people, and through my own experiences, I believe we can all do more to talk about, normalise and de-stigmatise mental health issues. Some of my posts may deal with these topics which can hopefully contribute to the larger, global discussion on mental health in a positive way.

Thanks for reading this self-indulgence, more literary themed posts to follow!

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