When it comes to writing fiction, I really struggle to write without some form of prompt. Perhaps this comes from being an English teacher where students’ exams almost always included the question: ‘write a narrative about this (usually boring) picture/topic.’

So here I am, giving myself some prompts kindly provided by the internet so I can get some writing on the page:

I have no idea who created this, found it on Pinterest here. I have an issue with the inconsistency of the capital letters and the boring format but hey ho.

A couple of disclaimers and rules, created by me, because it’s my damn blog:

  1. These sorts of challenges are normally done in units of days, not weeks. The first step in many new ventures is having an understanding of one’s own limitations. Therefore I will attempt to do one prompt per week and accept that daily fiction will likely not happen.
  2. If I feel like it, I might write a poem instead. Try and stop me!
  3. For fiction I am going to aim for around 1000 words maximum, as I am only human.

I liked this list because it had a nice mix of genres and styles. I will always try to include a link or reference to the source of inspiration for the prompts such as the ones inspired by articles or website entries. However, in the name of privacy, I probably won’t share people’s tweets on here.

Would love to hear about anyone else also taking part in a Writing Challenge (or anyone, like myself, who also lacks the discipline to do daily challenges). Equally, please share any other prompts or ideas you may have. Comment below!

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