7 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg is a Style Icon – WRITING CHALLENGE WEEK 4

Week 4 Prompt: Write a “tabloid” story about your favourite celebrity.

7 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg is a Style Icon

Science – doesn’t exactly fill you with excitement, does it? So when I tell you it’s now cool to dig science, don’t panic just yet, because let me introduce you to your new, certified, eco-royalty star that has taken the world by storm.

I was introduced to this celebrity, who is being dubbed as the Kylie Jenner of climate change, on my flight back home to London from a weekend shopping trip in New York. Her face was everywhere! Magazines, leaflets, plastic packaging – you name it!

And who is this new “it-girl” that everyone is totally obsessing over? Her name is Greta Thunberg, Queen of the Environment and Queen of SASS: this young activist is turning up the (global) temperature!

Ever since she bunked off school in the name of recycling and compostable bin bags, she has become a social media legend: the amount of likes on her Instagram posts belong in the Kardashian Hall of Fame! Don’t be fooled though, this influencer isn’t in it for the likes (although sources here claim she is in the midst of starting her own eco-friendly, organic weight loss powder), she actually has important things to say and has managed to piss off some very notable people. Clearly, this new A-lister wants to rock the solar-powered boat.

So because everyone loves a listicle, here are 7 reasons why Greta should be all over your Instagram feed as your new style inspiration:

1) Step aside VSCO girl, we’re all about the Greta look
Who would think plaits could be so iconic?! Her style oozes of mature, smart-casual with a nod to her Scandinavian background. The minimal makeup look is so on-trend right now, and Greta nails it when she flaunts those pops of bright colours (that pink top for instance). Fortunately for us humble trendsetters, her look is now available on ASOS: use the discount code at the bottom of the article to claim next-day priority delivery from China via jet.

2) She is a classic Capricorn
Ambitious, persistent, practical and disciplined – it’s like this horoscope was written for Greta! We love a dedicated Capricorn leading the way.

3) She has made Science cool again
Greta is bringing back geek-chic! Don’t take my word for it, read what she had to say in a recent speech: “The popular idea of cutting our emissions in half in 10 years only gives us a 50 per cent chance of staying below 1.5C degrees, and the risk of setting off irreversible chain reactions beyond human control. Maybe 50 per cent is acceptable to you. But those numbers don’t include tipping points, most feedback loops, additional warming hidden by toxic air pollution or the aspects of justice and equity.” We have no idea what this means, but doesn’t she sound inspiring?

4) Eco-friendly coffee flasks anyone?!
You can get such cute designs, they keep your coffee warm all day AND they save the planet. I treat myself to a new one every month!

5) Her speeches are so quotable
I already have “How dare you?” printed on a T-shirt and in my Instagram bio.

6) Her vegan diet is best for weight loss
Greta stans a vegan diet, which along with the benefits to the planet, it is perfect to help you get bikini body ready for that winter-sun holiday jetting off to the Maldives! Goodbye binge-eating at McDonalds, hello kale smoothies!

7) Men are OBSESSED with her
She has men from across the globe talking about her NONE STOP. Presidents, politicians, that old guy on Good Morning Britain – the list never ends! What is your secret Greta? Whatever it is, please share it with us singletons!

In summary we love Queen Green Greta, and so should you! ❤

Dear reader, I hope by now you have realised, this is obviously a parody and Greta deserves better than this trash article. I really struggled with this prompt – obviously I had to go down the non-fiction route and choosing a celebrity to write about wasn’t easy. I thought of all the trashy, ridiculous articles women are subjected to about their clothes, diets and sex appeal, so decided to parody one of those (in the style of an infamous Buzzfeed List).

Choosing to write one about Greta seemed almost blasphemous, but perhaps important to highlight the abuse such a brave and eloquent teenager is receiving based on her looks, mannerisms and ideas. Hopefully my parody tabloid highlights how ridiculous they are and just how ridiculous the online bullying of a teenager fighting for climate justice is. Below I have included some links on Greta’s work, environmental science behind her speeches as well as websites for those looking to be more eco-friendly (coffee flasks though, amiright?!).

Greta Thunberg’s full UN speech transcript: https://www.npr.org/2019/09/23/763452863/transcript-greta-thunbergs-speech-at-the-u-n-climate-action-summit

Climate change explained: https://royalsociety.org/topics-policy/projects/climate-change-evidence-causes/basics-of-climate-change/

NASA facts on how we know about climate change: https://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/

Ethical Superstore, eco friendly, organic and vegan online supermarket (only available in England and Wales): https://www.ethicalsuperstore.com/

Zero-waste and plastic-free store locator (UK only): https://thezerowaster.com/zero-waste-near-you/

Carbon Footprint Calculator and Carbon Offset (only available in England and Wales): https://www.carbonfootprint.com/measure.html

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

3 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg is a Style Icon – WRITING CHALLENGE WEEK 4

  1. The way women are written about in the media can be pure, utter trash — and seemingly only form the angle of for the male gaze. You did a great job with your parody article as it highlights the general bullsh*t that can be written about women who are doing extraordinary things. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

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