Little sister/daughter/girlblack ringlets frame your faceand gap-toothed smile.Bundled up in pink/purple puffy coatslike melted marshmallowswe explore our garden/jungle/forestmittened hands clasped.Little ladybirdscurrying behind the treesyou gleefully begin our game ofpretendingto be spies/heroes/mermaidsbefore retiring for the dayinto our lilac sanctuary/roomgiggling into the night scribing bunk-bed messagesfor the future. Sister/daughter/womanblack ringlets frame your faceand pierced nose.Cross-legged and poised … Continue reading Sister


Once, I was promised eternal youthbut I turned it down.In my nightgown, with wrinkled hands,a slightly scratched wedding ring and plaguedby a constant urge to sigh,I can’t help but wonder, dear, what you are doing now. How hungry I was for that fairy-dusted midnight sky!How sensible I was in closing the curtains,eventually. Before I was … Continue reading Wendy