Girl, Woman, Other – BOOK REVIEW

★★★★★ Welcome to Britain and twelve very different people – mostly women, mostly black – who call it home. Teeming with life and crackling energy, ‘Girl, Woman, Other’ follows them across the miles and down the years. With vivid originality, irrepressible wit and sly wisdom, Bernardine Evaristo presents a gloriously new kind of history for … Continue reading Girl, Woman, Other – BOOK REVIEW

Our Vows Poem + Life update

Our Vows Put everything into wordspinging elastic bands at each other when we metordering pizza to survive the first night shiftnavigating the seas of an unexpected ten year gapdevouring your moody atmospheric musicleaving pillow notes the morning afterreminding you that you need to work lessstretching new love into long-distance livestravelling on crowded trains to reach … Continue reading Our Vows Poem + Life update


Breathe in and out and notice Five things you can see cracked floorboards stretch away hair balls simmer along skirting boards iced with dust lost socks marooned under my bed Four things you can hear downstairs’ TV muffling outsides’ traffic distancing my breathing suffocating rain falling Three things you can touch cracks between the cracked … Continue reading Mindfulness


Week 5 Prompt: Write a story about your favourite fictional character. “Ms Baudelaire, your brother rang, they’re about ten minutes away,” her assistant said, poking her head through the library door. “Thank you, Esme.” The name still made Violet shudder despite hiring her over two months ago. However, a name, no matter how repugnant its … Continue reading Violet – WRITING CHALLENGE WEEK 5